Live Oak County in South Texas Under Siege | Human Smuggling, Stolen Vehicles, Bailouts & More….

GEORGE WEST — For those who live in big cities far from the border, especially in distant states on the East and West coasts, the alarm being raised by those who are on the frontline of the border crisis in places like Live Oak and McMullen counties might seem like an exaggeration.

Texas Peeps Hat Co.

But for those who live south of San Antonio in an area that 150-plus years ago was referred to as the rough and rugged Nueces Strip, the concern is all too real.

Whether it is an effort to evade President Trump’s proposed border wall before it is built, a simple desire to escape the precarious conditions of life south of the border or a combination of factors, many area residents and law enforcement officers say they can’t help but feel that South Texas is experiencing an invasion.

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